3 Free Android Apps to Help You Sign PDFs

Every once in a while you’re going to get one. Sooner or later you’re going to have to sign a PDF. Digitally signing documents is a lot easier and faster than having to print it out and then signing it. If you look for Android apps to help you sign PDFs, you’re going to find quite a few.

But, the issue is which one is worth installing. If you’re the kind of users that doesn’t like installing just any app onto your device, don’t worry. I went ahead and installed them on my device, and I’ll only share the ones that work the best and are easy to use.

Adobe Fill & Sign to Sign PDFs

This is a great app to help you sign ant PDF. This is the app I personally use to sign every PDF  I have to sign and so far so good.  When you first open the app, you’ll see an icon that lets you choose a PDF to either fill out or sign. To fill out a PDF, tap on the person icon and fill out your profile.

How to Sign a PDF on Android

Right next to the person icon you’ll see a pen icon. Tap on that, and you can either create a signature or initials to use on your PDFs. Once you create them, the app automatically saves the initials or signature. When choosing a file, you can either select one from PDF File, from the Photo Library or you can take a picture.


The SignEasy is another app you can try, but you will need to sign up to use it. It gives you a few days free trial of the business version of the app, so you can see for yourself if it’s the app you’re looking for.

Easily Sign PDFs on Any Android Device

The app will separate you PDFs into four sections; Pending, Draft, Original and Signed. To add a PDF, just tap on the red button on the bottom right. You can choose to import your PDF from places such as Email, SD Card, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote or OneDrive.

To add your signature or initials, tap on the hamburger icon on the top left and choose Signature & Initials. Once you’ve added them tap on the check mark and you’re good to go. All your recent documents will be displayed at the top, and you can also send invitations to invite other to sign certain documents.

PDF Reader

Last but not least you have PDF Reader app for your PDF signing needs. When you first open the open you automatically see the places you can open the PDFs from. You can either choose between Docs, Video, Audio, Images, and Downloads.

Easily Sign PDF Android

To the left, you can also choose the Scan option. In that option, you can take a picture if the document you need to sign and to help you get the best picture possible you can use a grid for help. When you think you’re ready, just tap on the camera icon to take the picture. The amount of pictures you take will appear just beside the camera icon.

When you’re done tap on the done option to the side and then you’ll be able to make some border adjustments. There will also be an image processor and a share icon. If you need to review your scans there’s an option for that too.

These are the apps that I thought were worth installing. Hopefully, you can find an app that best fit your needs. Did I miss your favorite PDF app? If so, share which one it is in the comments.

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