10 Useful iOS 10 Tips and Tricks

If you own an iOS device, then you probably have the latest iOS version on it, iOS 10. It officially came out on September 13th, and it is slowly rolling out to iOS users all around the planet. With iOS 10, you will enjoy a large number of helpful features that will give you a gust of fresh tech air.

Unlock Your iPhone or iPad Without Pressing the Home Button

We all suffer from the worldwide ¨illness¨called laziness and having to unlock our iOS device by pressing the home button can be too much for some. If you fall into that category, you can always have your device unlock by placing your finger on the screen, and you can do this by going to Settings > General >Accessibility > Home Button > Rest Finger to Open.


Enable Split Screen View

For this to work, your iOS device needs to be in landscape mode. Once it´s in position you can enable Split screen mode four different ways:

  • Long-press on a link until Open in Split View appears


  • Drag one of the tabs to the middle-left or middle-right side of the display


  • Try Command + N in hardware keyboard shortcut
  • Tap and hold the tab button and choose Open Split View

Give an App Priority When  Downloading (iPhone Only)

Unfortunately, giving priority download to an app is only available for iPhone users. If you´re in the lucky bunch that can use this useful feature, you can use it by doing a force-press on the icon of the app you want to finish downloading first. Prioritise Download should be the first option on the list.


New Design and Feature´s for Clock App on iOS 10

You are going to love that the new clock app on iOS 10, it´s darker so we won´t be temporarily blinded by the brightness. On the icons at the bottom, you will see a Bedtime icon. This feature can connect to the health app so you can see how well you sleep.


You can program the app so you only sleep the hours you want to sleep and on what days. iOS 10 can even treat you like a child telling you when it´s time to go to sleep you can get a good night´s sleep.

Don´t forget that you also have the Night Shift option in Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift.


Share Your Notes with Others

Open the Notes app and towards the top-right, you will see a person shaped icon with a plus sign. Tap on that every time you want others to collaborate with you on your notes. You can share your note by Email, Twitter, Facebook and more!


How to Remove Stock Apps on iOS 10

We all hate that dreaded bloatware that only bothers us and takes up space on our device. On iOS 10 you can remove the stock apps from your home screen by long-pressing on the icon, tapping on the X and pressing delete. The app is still going to be in the system, but it will be long gone from your home screen.

If you were ever to want those apps back, you need to download them from the app store, and when you open the app, it will magically reappear.

 Enjoy The New Memories Feature


More options are always a good thing and in the Photos App, you will find a new one called Memories. What this feature does is that it creates Photo albums for you. You can either see the best of the last three months or last month, it´s up to you.

Quickly Respond to a Message

Let´s face it, you don´t always have all the time in the world to give a detailed answer to every message you get. If you want to give a quick response on your iOS 10 messages you can double tap on it and either select a heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, ha ha, exclamation mark or a question mark.


Modify How Intense the Torch Can Be

Does the torch always have to be that bright? No, it doesn´t, and now you can choose between bright light, medium light, and low light. A very handy update indeed.


A Change in the Camera Shortcut

I´m sure that you´re used to swiping up to use the camera, but in iOS 10, there´s been a change. Now, if you quickly want to access the camera from the lock screen, you need to swipe left. That´s it!


iOS 10 is here with a lot of changes, and it will take some time to learn them all, but soon you will become an iOS 10 master. Did I miss any tips you know? Let me know in the comments.

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